Call Schedule

Our program uses an on-call system focused only for hospital admissions. Residents are "on-call" for up to 12 hours on a set schedule to admit patients to their respective service. 

Medicine Service: Each of two medicine team consists of one resident from each PGY level. Every fourth day, a given junior resident is the primary admitting resident, staying for a full 12 hours with his or her supervising resident. The night float team takes over the remainder 12 hours. Therefore, there are no shifts more than 12 hours in medicine, plus 1-4 hours of transition care.


Pediatric Service: The inpatient pediatric resident team, comprised of one resident from each PGY level, covers the service during the day for 12 hours. Junior residents alternate days being on-call for admissions from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The night float team will cover the nighttime admissions.

OB/GYN: PGY-1 residents cover the L&D inpatient service in 12 hour shifts (either day or night) for 5 days. PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents on OB rotation cover one 24 hour shift per week.

Night-Float: The night float team consists of a senior resident and a junior resident. PGY-1s start night floats second half of the year. They cover admissions and acute management of patients for the adult medicine, ICU, and peds services. One team covers weekdays and a second team covers weekends.