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What Makes Our Program Unique and at the Cutting Edge ?

We provide unique opportunities to obtain enhanced training in these areas: 

  • Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a nationally recognized platform educating physicians the importance of incorporating fundamentals of health when taking care of patients. Dr. Saira Dar's practices integrative and functional medicine and residents have the opportunity to avail this experience.​ LM modules will be embedded in the overall curriculum longitudinally. Residents will have the option to sit for certifying exam at the end of training to be considered diplomats of American College of Lifestyle Medicine (DipABLM).

  • Maternal and Child Health
    Dr Karen Rayos and Susan Kraus lead efforts to care for expecting mothers. Scope of practice ranges from pre-natal, OB, and post-natal care. 

  • Addiction Medicine
    In collaboration with community resources and local government, Dr Andrea Silva is involved in training residents to initiate and continue substance use disorder treatment. 

  • Care of LGBTQ+ community (Rainbow Clinic)
    Our residents are given ample opportunity to take care of LGBTQ+ community to promote valuing inclusivity and diversity. Such efforts are led by Dr Anika Godhwani, and Dr Amanda Jamal.

  • Point of Care Ultrasound
    We provide state of the art point of care ultrasound training opportunities to residents throughout their training and a focused course integrated into their schedule.

Areas of Concentration

Our curriculum allows residents to tailor elective time to pursue a specialty focus within family medicine. Residents work closely with a designated mentor in the area of concentration (AOC). A certification is granted at time of graduation. Previously completed AOC include but are not limited to Women's Health, Addiction Medicine, Urgent Care, Diabetes, and Pediatrics. Below are some electives we offer:  Sports medicine  Women's health/ OB Addiction medicine/ Street medicine   Procedure clinic/ Wound Care Integrative Medicine/ Lifestyle Medicine Hospital Medicine/ ICU Cardiology Nephrology Infectious Disease Optometry Newborn/ Peds/ NICU Urgent Care Hospice/ Palliative Practice Management Global Health

Behavioral Health

In collaboration with psychiatrists and therapists, our faculty Dianna Galvan leads our residents' education for behavioral health whilst ensuring residents' wellness. Not only do residents learn how to effectively communicate with patients, they also learn how to self-reflect, receive feedback, participate in Balint group and ensure their own wellness (massage days!).


We hold half-day didactics & interactive learning every Wednesday morning. Wide range of specialists are invited to speak to residents, enhancing their skills in primary care. Workshops for in-office procedures such as suturing, toenail removal, Nexplanon are offered. In preparation for Boards Exam, review sessions are also routinely held.

Night Float

Instead of 24-hour call days, a pair of residents (One junior and one senior resident) make up our night float team: 2 weeks in PGY1, 4-6 weeks in PGY2, and 4-6 weeks in PGY3. The team cover medicine, pediatrics, and ICU services overnight. Senior members provide support and teaching to the junior resident as they increase their skills and autonomy.


We value our residents' wellness- we cannot take care of patients if we don't take care for ourselves. Wellness days are designed into residents' schedule quarterly. Our Behavioral Health faculty Diana Galvan also routinely checks in with residents to provide full-support.

Scholarly Forum

Every year, residents work in teams with our faculty mentors to carry out quality improvement project PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) projects. Residents are also required to present a topic of choice at our Annual Scholarly Forum. Our Annual Scholarly Forum is unique to the region, attracting other programs' residents to participate as well.

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