Curriculum Highlights

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Core Content

The curriculum includes all the core requirements for family medicine residency programs. Over the three-year training, our residents complete 28-32 weeks of inpatient adult medicine, 16 weeks labor and delivery, 4 weeks surgery, 20-24 weeks pediatrics, 8 weeks ER, and 12 weeks electives. 8-10 weeks of night float that includes medicine and pediatrics inpatient responsibilities. Residents also spend a generous amount of time in all three years in continuity clinics serving our diverse patient population.

Multi-Site Training

Our residency offers training in multiple sites within our community.  All inpatient rotations are based at Doctors Medical Center, while all outpatient rotations are based primarily in the Stanislaus Heath Services clinic system. Residents will also rotate with other specialties in their respective systems, such as Kaiser Permanente or Sutter Health.

Paradise Medical Office serves as the continuity clinic for our residents, offering full spectrum care including pediatrics, adult medicine, OB/GYN, geriatrics, pain management, and procedures. 

Primary Care Research

Each resident works closely with our faculty mentor to create and publish an evidence-based clinical inquiry, plus one additional scholarly project. In addition, each clinic team completes a quality improvement project over the course of each academic year. Residents are encouraged to present findings at our Annual Scholarly Forum and other local or regional forums.

Areas of Concentration

Our curriculum allows residents to tailor elective time to the pursuit of a specialty focus within family medicine such as obstetrics, geriatrics, hospital medicine, global health, office procedures, etc. Residents work closely with a designated mentor in the area of concentration and the fulfillment of the training plan is certified in the final training letter.


We offer a variety of elective opportunities for residents. Residents are granted 6 weeks as PGY2 and 8 weeks as PGY3 with 2 or 4 weeks respectively dedicated to Away Electives.  

Residents often elect to do international electives and we have developed several sites where residents regularly go. Clinical experience in Guatemala can be combined with language training. We have residency elective contacts in other locations, including: Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Africa, India, and Haiti.

Group Care

Residents can choose to learn the theory and technique involved with successful group patient care. Our family medicine clinic currently hosts patients in interactive empowering group visits facilitated by residents for both diabetes and prenatal care.

Self-Directed Learning and Didactics

Faculty join residents for a half-day weekly of didactics & interactive learning. Residents enhance their learning in basic knowledge and practice management by completing on-line curricular tasks and self-directed learning modules.

Night Float

Residents join the night float team for a portion of their training each year: 2 weeks in PGY1, 4-6 weeks in PGY2, and 4-6 weeks in PGY3. The team consists of one senior and one junior resident, covering medicine, pediatrics, and ICU. Senior members provide support and teaching to the junior resident as they increase their skills and autonomy.