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VCME program will be conducting virtual interviews during the 2022-2023 interview season.

In addition, all applicants will be invited to join residents and faculty to several informal social events.

This will help ensure that they get familiarized with the program and the community.

Interview Season

Early November 2022 - Early January 2023 

Interview Days

Monday - Friday

except during National Holidays

Acceptance and Slot Assignment

After initial screening, interviews will be offered on a 1st come 1st serve basis. We will hold up to 6 interviews each half day to ensure that applicants get a chance to thoroughly review program details and ask any questions from faculty and residents.

Interview Format

Each candidate will be given a brief greeting by the program director, and will meet with one faculty and one resident. These interactions will be virtual on Thalamus platform. In addition, regular live and virtual social gatherings will be conducted in the evenings. Our program encourages attending these and further details will be provided at the time of interviews. 

Hospital and Site Tours

Interview will include virtual tours of the hospital, clinic, and community in the form of videos. Applicants will be given plenty of opportunity to interact with faculty and residents for questions and further details.

After the Interviews

VCME interview committee will review applicants throughout the season and in certain occasions, a second interview may be offered. Applicants will be ranked based upon final scores and the program then will participate in the final NRMP match followed by SOAP. 

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