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2023 Rotation dates: August 2024- January 2025

  • VCME encourages all 4th year medical students to apply for sub-internships/audition rotations with us.

  • Application process involves: 

    • Submitting attached application to our office

    • Interview with faculty

    • On-boarding

  • For equal opportunity to all applicants, any applicant can do a maximum of one rotation per year. 

  • Although there is no deadline for applications, offers are given on first come first serve basis. 

Inpatient Medicine Rotation:

  • This experience involves actively participating inpatient care. 

  • You will be assigned to inpatient medicine teams and will be assigned 3-4 patients.

  • In addition to participating in daily rounds, bed side teaching, writing co-signed notes, following up on patient's condition and planning discharge.

  • You will have plenty of opportunities to join weekly formal and daily informal didactics.

Inpatient Pediatric Rotation:

  • You will care for newborns in the nursery and inpatient pediatrics on the floor. 

  • You will see a variety of diagnoses of pediatric medical conditions. 

  • You may also spend 1-2 half days in the county pediatric clinics.


Outpatient Clinic Rotation:

  • This experience involves seeing patients in our continuity clinics.  

  • You will join a variety of outpatient clinics including HIV, Rainbow, Hep C, Geriatrics, Psychiatry, Pain Management, OB, and Pediatric clinics.

  • You will be participating in patient care under the supervision of senior residents and the attending faculty.

  • You'll formulate history physical, diagnosis and plan of care.

  • You will also be given plenty of opportunities to do office - based procedures. 

Please fill out application and email to to apply.

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